How to Ground Yourself before working inside computer case.

If you don't have a grounding wrist strap, here's a method of making sure you're properly grounded before working inside a computer case.

Static electricity can damage your module and other computer parts. You need to ground yourself to avoid "shocking" your computer. If you have wrist straps designed for this purpose, you should wear them. If you don't have wrist straps, here is the easiest way to ground yourself:

  • Turn off the computer, monitor, and allaccessories (printer, speakers, etc.)
  • Leave the computer power cord plugged in. (It'sOK to unplug your accessories if you like.)
  • Briefly touch an unpainted metal part of yourcomputer case.
  • Plant your feet and don't walk around. If you doneed to walk around, ground yourself again before touching any of theinternal parts of your computer.

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